Below is a list of common VA forms.  

We encourage you to call the office and ask for assistance for any form that you are trying to complete.  

VA forms are updated regularly, and they will not accept an old version of any form.  

The current version of any form can be found at 

    • Application for Annual Clothing Allowance
    • Application for CHAMPVA Benefits
    • Application for Correction of Medical Record
    • Application for Disabled Registration Plate
    • Application for Pre-Need Determination of Eligibility for Burial in a National Cemetery
    • Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker
    • Application for the Review of Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States
    • Application for VA Burial Benefits
    • Application for VA Medical Benefits
    • CHAMPVA Other Health Insurance (OHI)
    • Claim for Government Medallion for Installation in a Private Cemetery
    • County Burial Form (Veteran)
    • County Burial Form (Widow)
    • County Headstone Allowance
    • Declaration of Status of Dependents
    • Presidential Memorial Certificate Request
    • Request for a Certificate of Eligibility – Home Loan Guaranty
    • Request Pertaining to Military Records (SF-180)

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There are many possible benefits available to you and possibly your immediate family members, including, but not limited to: • Disability compensation for injuries and illnesses caused, incurred, or aggravated while serving in the Armed Forces. These conditions must be chronic. • Non-service connected pension • Homebound • Aid and attendance • Education • Life insurance • Home loans • Vocational rehabilitation • Dependent Indemnity Compensation (DIC) • VA medical enrollment • Counseling • Burial benefits • Tax exemption Some benefits are based on a veteran’s time and dates in service. Not all veterans are entitled to the same benefits.
The US Code of Federal Regulations (Title 38) defines the term “veteran” as a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable. For VA purposes; however, there are exceptions, so a person who received an other than honorable conditions discharge should check with a Veterans Service Officer to see what, if any, benefits are available. Current and former members of the Reserves or National Guard who were called to active duty by a federal order and completed the full period for which they were called or ordered to active duty may be eligible for VA benefits as well.
It is preferred that you do contact the office and schedule an appointment if possible due to high volume of veteran client contacts and the length of time allowed for each person served. If you schedule an appointment you will receive our individualized attention. Please call us at 724-228-6865 to schedule.
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